The Narrow Road DVD Set

The Narrow Road DVD Set

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When Jesus talks about eternal life, he’s not just talking about heaven; Jesus wants us to be totally alive, today. The road to death is broad and easy, but the road to life is narrow and difficult. If we are willing to do some of the most difficult things in life while trusting in the teaching and wisdom of Jesus, we can inherit what it means to truly be alive. This message from Bobby Schuller provides practical strategies as you're walking “The Narrow Road” towards embracing eternal life every day.

This 4 DVD Set contains all thirteen messages from Bobby's Narrow Road series including...

Disc 1:
- The World Needs Someone Like You
- Do Less. Be More. Connect with Others
- Doing Big Things with Big Faith
- The Golden Rule

Disc 2:
- Servant Leadership
- Dealing with Criticism and Competition
- Of Course You're Angry, But Let it Go
- Be the Real You - You Don't Have to Prove Anything

Disc 3:
- Let Your Yes be Yes, and Your No, No
- Don't Worry - It Will be Okay
- Sufficiency and Generosity
- Gratitude and Joy

Disc 4:
- Your Secret Life Matters Most

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