Stay Connected Complete Set

Stay Connected Complete Set

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You’re One Click Away from Faith and Fellowship.

Reach Out and Touch Someone’s Heart, Online…

Never before has it been so easy to connect with friends, parents, kids, grandkids and your church family via online video chats. When you can’t be in person with your loved ones, visiting with them virtually is the next best thing! At Hour of Power, we want to help you “plug in” and connect with your family, your faith community, and this ministry.

It’s your GENEROSITY and FAITHFULNESS that make Hour of Power possible and available to yearning hearts around the world! And to empower you to be in fellowship with even more people, we’re excited to announce our special “stay connected” offer! Our Hour of Power “Stay Connected” Tech Complete Set will get you plugged in!

NOW, for your gift of only $35 (reduced from $65), you will receive three essential items that will help you plug-in to Hour of Power and your Christian community online plus our Tech Accessories Carrying Case. The best part is they come with a QR code, so when scanned with your phone’s camera, you’ll be directed to the most recent Hour of Power service online! Included in the set is:

  1. 1. Dual tablet and mobile device holder – Made of high-quality bamboo, this lightweight and compact device holder is tailored for displaying a variety of cell phones and tablets. The angled channel holds your device at an optimal angle for viewing.

  2. 2. Dual USB Port Wall Charger – Insert your USB plug into one side and plug the other side into a wall outlet. It also features two USB charging ports for your convenience.

    3. Power Bank – This portable and high-quality device features a USB charging port that lets you take the power with you, so you can have peace of mind whenever wall outlets are out of reach. Use it to charge any device that has a USB charger cord, like a phone or tablet.

    4. Tech Accessories Carrying Case – This classy leatherette carrying case will hold all of your tech essentials in organized compartments of various sizes. The zip opening hinges out to give full access to all your items with easy viewing. No more sifting through your backpack, work bag, or purse! It’s easy to clean, waterproof, and durable — perfect for on the go!

    If you’re traveling this summer, the items in the tech bundle —with the carrying case — will ensure you keep in touch with loved ones, and share all your adventures with them!

    DETAILS: Dual tablet and mobile device holder is made of bamboo and measures 4” W x 3 1/8” L x 3/4” H. Dual USB port wall charger is made of plastic and metal and measures 1" x 1-3/4" x 1-1/4".


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